2013 CUAHSI Conference on Hydroinformatics and Modeling: 34 North Presentation

34 North CEO to present the latest advances using OpenNRM for Hydroinformatics.  You can learn more about the conference here.  Take a look about what we plan to talk about.

A collaborative resource management workspace and project management application for data collection, analysis and visualization: OpenNRM

 When we designed OpenNRM, we imagined a place where diverse groups of people and communities could effectively and efficiently collaborate to manage large-scale environmental problems and projects.  We saw the need to combine a variety of software components so that users could not only explore and analyze a topic but also develop stories and solve problems in a way that the end result was consumable by the general public.   To do this we brought together software modules that are typically separate:  Document and Asset Management, GIS and Interactive Mapping,   WIKI and Information Libraries, Data Catalogs, Project Management Tools and Storytelling templates.  These components, along with others are supported by extensive data catalogs, data analysis tools and web services for a turn-key workspace that will allow you to quickly build project communities and data stories.

In this presentation we will show you how such collaborative efforts are implemented and working for some of our clients including the State of California’s Sacramento San Joaquin Bay-Delta and San Joaquin River Basin.   The case study will display the use of the OpenNRM workspace for real time environmental conditions management, data visualization, environmental restoration, high frequency monitoring and data reporting.   We will demonstrate how scientists and policy makers are working together to tell the story of this complicated and divisive system and how they are becoming better managers of that system. Using the genius of web services, we will show you how OpenNRM was designed to allow you to build your own community while easily sharing data stories, project data, monitoring results, document libraries, interactive maps and datasets with others.  We will get into the weeds when we show you how our data interpolation tools can show high frequency monitoring trends using the NWIS data network or other Cuahsi services and how you can save those results to make your projects real time.

Lastly, we will talk about the OpenNRM project and it’s future in the open source community and as a general tool for collaborative multi-disciplinary research.

OpenNRM is currently implemented as a collaborative scientific and project management community workspace for the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta.   Participants include:  The Environmental protection Agency, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Water Resources Control Board, California Department of Water Resource, more than 10 Water Districts and USGS.