34 North to Demonstrate Real Time Data Modeling Tools at CWEMF

34 North to present web-based data management tools (OPENNRM) in support of water quality forecasting, model visualization and collaborative management activities.

Real-time water quality management relies on real-time forecasting of conditions and the use of a calibrated watershed model that provides predictions of flow and salinity resulting from watershed activities.  34 North, in cooperation with United States Burau of Reclamation and Systech Water Resources Inc, has developed a web-based toolset to support the WARMF model in the following ways:

  • Real time aggregation and assembly of disparate data sources to run WARMF model in near real time.
  • Spatial Visualization of model results.
  • Collaboration Tools for stakeholder participation in watershed management activities and the centralization of model operations by virtualization of model online.

Our presentation will outline efforts and demonstrate prototype examples.

Feel free to browse the conference website here:  http://www.cwemf.org/