The California Delta: OpenNRM in Action

The California Delta:  OpenNRM in Action

Roles & Responsibilities:  Software Developer, Software Customization & Website Design, Website Production, Marketing & Syndication, Content Management, Client Relations

Resource management and  infrastructure planning is a complicated challenge today, regardless of the scale of which it is done.  The task requires collecting and analyzing a large amount of disparate and fragmented information about the natural and human environment and deciding which species or ecosystems should be protected and conserved, what factors in the planning process will impact them, and which strategies should be employed and where. is a web strategy to address this complicated process by creating an interactive community driven resource management portal and tool for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta infrastructure and nature conservation planning and implementation processes. resource management portal will assist project managers, engineers, policy makers, scientists, ecologists and others working in The Delta.  Currently the data required to effectively manage The Delta is scattered and sequestered throughout hundreds of organizations and individuals, which makes it largely inaccessible or difficult to find. will aggregate and display relevant information about The Delta infrastructure and eco-system projects in a convenient place for stakeholders to discover and use.  BDL provides encyclopedias on species, waterways and land features, a comprehensive catalog of data and maps that can be searched by keyword, geography, geographic extents or content types, a powerful map viewer to display, combine, and share live map services as well a group based project management application for sharing and managing project details among many different organizations and individuals.  The portal features a public version for syndicating important educational information about The Delta and the projects that affect the public directly.

Who’s Involved

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (26 Member Agencies), California Department of Water Resources, USGS, UC Davis

SOA Architecture:  Aggregating Services

The SOA architecture allows users to organize and customize their homepage based on personal preferences using internal and external feeds from:  Twitter, wikis, Map Services, ISSUU, project and document libraries and more.

Live Map Service:  Sensor Data, Map Layers and Web 2.0 Web Tools

The BDL Live Map service demonstrates how OpenNRM enterprise can be customized to incorporate real time and historical sensor data.  Our custom tools allow  users to present and analyze this data, view multiple time series, visualize this data in 2-D and 3-D environments, create project from accumulated data sets and collaborate with colleagues.

Project & Document Libraries:  Collaborate with Colleagues

Data Simulation and Visualization Tools

Build Relevant Wiki Libraries for Sharing Knowledge