Sacramento-Bay Delta Historic Animation

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is an example of an inverted river delta, one of only a few worldwide. It is the largest estuary on the United States’ Pacific Coast.[1] The fan-like area of the delta moves downstream, as the two rivers are forced to exit the Central Valley through the Coast Range via the […]

Brannon Island Subsidence Animation

Produced for Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, 34 North combined Lidar elevation data with 1 foot resolution USGS aerial imagery.  The result is a stunning realization of the subsidence occurring in the Sacramento-Bay Delta.  A fragile network of levees holds back the cold Sierra snow melt waters.

Yolo Bypass Salmon Passage Animation

34 North is a specialist when it comes to representing past, present, and future representations of the natural environment around us.  Using a blend of GIS and 3D Modeling software, 34 North designed and produced a stunning series of animations to help managers understand the science behind habitat rehabilitation and how it can enhance the […]

Sites Reservoir and GIS Modeling

34 NORTH used GIS and 3-D software to identify the location of the proposed Sites Reservoir. We located the proper dam locations as well as the high water level contour. With this information in our GIS system we were able to import Digital Elevation Models (topography) and create a virtual, photo-realistic environment representative of the […]

Russian River Watershed

This watershed map was delivered to over 900 Sonoma County classrooms in the spring of 2006. The map is two-sided, with a perspective view of the Russian River basin and planned view of sub-watersheds of the lower Russian River. David Berman collaboratively designed the map with significant consultation by WATER Institute staff. The Occidental Arts […]

Calaveras River Restoration

34 North created visualizations for the proposed restoration plans for the Calaveras River.  Using a combination of NAIP Imagery, 3-D Nature Studio our technicians were able to simulate the outcome of the proposed simulation. The action proposed in the BO is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) (Sacramento District) continuing long-term operations at the […]

Delta Interactive

34 NORTH produced an Interactive CD Rom specific to The Sacramento Delta Region. 34 NORTH researched and identified over 200 projects funded by multiple agencies with in the Delta Region. We created a Delta regional map that included a searchable graphic and information database in which the users can search for and locate individual projects […]

State of California Map

Using GIS and virtual modeling environment, 34 NORTH completed a “Water Resource Map of California”. Using ArcMap (GIS software) for categorization and labeling and 3-D software for photo-realistic base images, we created a highly detailed map showing all of the major rivers, reservoirs, lakes, aqueducts, cities, and roadways. This map was created in a high […]

Using Lidar for Visualization: 34 North Lidar Map California Delta

                    Using the raw Lidar data files 34 North created a highly detailed color contour map of the Sacramento Bay Delta.  In addition to print material, 34 North prepared the Lidar data for detailed animations and perspective maps for ecosystem restoration visualizations. The flood-control levees of […]