34 North to Demonstrate Real Time Data Modeling Tools at CWEMF

34 North to present web-based data management tools (OPENNRM) in support of water quality forecasting, model visualization and collaborative management activities. Real-time water quality management relies on real-time forecasting of conditions and the use of a calibrated watershed model that provides predictions of flow and salinity resulting from watershed activities.  34 North, in cooperation with […]

2013 CUAHSI Conference on Hydroinformatics and Modeling: 34 North Presentation

34 North CEO to present the latest advances using OpenNRM for Hydroinformatics.  You can learn more about the conference here.  Take a look about what we plan to talk about. A collaborative resource management workspace and project management application for data collection, analysis and visualization: OpenNRM  When we designed OpenNRM, we imagined a place where […]

San Joaquin River Regional Monitoring Program

SJRRMP Project Summary As part of the effort to restore the California River Watersheds, 34 North has developed a web based toolset to support the San Joaquin River regional monitoring program. The OpenNRM toolset aggregates and presents the necessary data so that all stakeholders can effectively monitor and analyze the conditions of the SJR and […]

California Delta iPhone App, Now in Beta 2

Currently in beta, the California Delta iPhone Application allows users to manage our natural resources from wherever they are.  The application surpasses all resource management applications today allowing access to projects, document libraries, water operations and water quality data, real time monitoring data, science news, science journals, tweets and more.  Log-in to your account to […]

The California Delta: OpenNRM in Action

Roles & Responsibilities:  Software Developer, Software Customization & Website Design, Website Production, Marketing & Syndication, Content Management, Client Relations www.Baydeltalive.com. Resource management and  infrastructure planning is a complicated challenge today, regardless of the scale of which it is done.  The task requires collecting and analyzing a large amount of disparate and fragmented information about the […]

4 Webby Awards, Time Magazine Top Website Award and More

34 North award winning websites is just one of the reasons to consider our services.  During the past 5 years, 34 North has been honored with more than 7 prestigious awards including the Webby Award in Film and Entertainment (Jury and People’s Voice) for the creation of The Sundance Online Film Festival.  This nomination was […]

9 Sundance Film Festival Websites

www.sundance.org. From 2001-2008, 34 North* was the executive producer of 9 online festival and onsite festival websites.  Services provided to Sundance were extensive including website design, website development, content management, database development and integration, syndication, programming, sponsorship sales, technical strategic partnership management (Microsoft, HP, Apple, Vitalstream, Adobe and more) onsite participation and filmmaker management.  It […]

OpenNRM.org, Tools for Conservation Communities

Developed using the OpenNRM core, 34 North created OpenNRM.org.  Members of the conservation and natural resource management community can join the OpenNRM community for free!  This is a non-profit service aimed at facilitating collaborative efforts in the conservation community.  Access and use is available through an easy online application and proof of service to the […]

OpenNRM Enterprise

Let us customize OpenNRM for your organization. OpenNRM Enterprise is an enterprise ready version of OpenNRM that includes certified binaries, platform-specific installers, certified plugins for other tools, and enterprise-ready add-ons. This product is specifically designed for those who need a customized enterprise application. The list below is an overview of the OpenNRM Enterprise Customization: 1.    […]

Operation Siren

Roles and Responsibilities:  Producer and designer of the Operation Siren website.  Video encoding.  Internet Marketing.  Interactive Storytelling Application developed by Randy Fenton at Dare to Play. Interactive storytelling online with video, images, websites.  Operation Siren is a true interactive experience!  The user begins the experience by choosing a character (similar to a video game).  The […]