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United States Geological Survey
California Department of Water Resources
CALFED Science
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
The Sundance Institute and Sundance Film Festival
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The Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Case Studies

The California Delta

Collaborative Project: Metropolitan Water District of Southern Californa, USGS, Department of Water Resources, U.C. Davis

Description: Community portal for aggregating, organizing, analyzing, visualizing and collaborating California Delta Resource science and policy information. Project is a fully customized product using the Open Resource Management Foundation OpenNRM Core License. Some of the customization features include:

  1. Advanced Map Services: Over 200 Map Layer, Custom Lidar Imagery, 3 base map alternatives, advanced query and analytical tools, map editor and the enterprise layer manager.
  2. Science Center: Web based geoprocessing capabilties for viewing scientific time series data, incorporating real time monitoring data, and animations. Specific time series projects include the California Fish adn Game 20mm Trawl animation, Slack Tide Animation and view historical real time data on the map. The science center tools allow users to customize parameters, colors, time series data display functions and more.
  3. Custom Homepage: The BDL homepage is run by our CMS manager. Our client can organize and build widgets, create RSS enabled widgets, create topics of interest and custom news using RSS feeds and all assets stored in their profile including: Video, images, and interactive maps. All widgets can be arranged to customize the users dashboard based on their own project or community preferences, then save this configuration to their profile.

Sundance Film Festival

For 7 years 34 NORTH has been the executive producers of Sundance Online. During this period 34 NORTH built over 9 websites to support the festival and its programs including Sundance Film Festival 2003-06, Sundance Online Film Festival 2001-07, The Filmmaker Resource Center, and various original productions including trailers, animations and maps. The project with the Institute was extensive because the website tied into every aspect of the organization from managing filmmakers and sponsors to posting video on the web for millions of viewers. 34 North was the main driver for helping Sundance bring in new technology sponsors and increased donation revenues. The main project tasks and technologies included:

  • The development of large film databases and online schedules for thousands of films and filmmakers.
  • Fully integrated e-commerce and ticketing system.
  • A fully integrated content management system so that the festival staff could manage all pages, online catalogs, schedules and film releases from anywhere in the world.
  • Comprehensive media player and video experience. The media viewer supports all media types based on the user defaults, allowed for meta data and supplementary information like filmmakers bios, film schedules.
  • Community syndication and marketing for viral distribution of films. Users can share video with friends, add comments and vote for their favorites. This interaction with the Festival was the first of its kind allowing for true grass roots participation in the independent film world.
  • Website design and development in both .NET and Linux server environment.
  • Film competition content production, editing, encoding, hosting and streaming for display on the web. 34 NORTH worked on the street of Park City for Behind the Scenes footage as well as organized the showcase of more than 50 short films online annually.
  • External Affairs: 34 NORTH worked with the Institute to find sponsors and market the event online.
  • Maps: Created interactive festival maps
  • Scalability: building a robust web interface to support the millions of visitors daily to the web pages as well as the films online. Original content for behind the scenes footage and festival dailies.

The Open Resource Management Foundation

Non-Profit Foundation: The Open Resource Management Foundation was created to provide resource managers, scientists, conservationists, policy makers, academics and all stakeholders with a free and open commuity to collaborate, share informaiton, view the latest science, visual project areas, make maps and have access to the latest reasearch for their area. OpenNRM.org is working quickly to access and include all publically syndicated supplemental data so that each project team may customize their project pages to include map layers, species data, project data and documents about their area of interest. In the meantime memebers are allowed to begin aggregating, organizing, adding RSS feeds, creating document catalogs and building projects pages with their own informaiton. Our outreach efforts include: ESRI ArcOnline, Fishbase, University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web, Photo Libraries and more.

This is a non-profit platform for collaborative efforts in the conservation community. Access and use is available through an easy online application and proof of service to the environment. This community was created for small to medium size environmental efforts where money is tight, there is no IT department and collaboration among stakeholders is critical to the financial viability and success of the project.

OpenNRM.org is fully integrated with ArcServer and can implement custom geoprocessing tasks, map layers, animations and is making available all ArcServer base map products to the community.