34 North deploys many open source technologies, either as part of our server and applications stacks or as a service.  It is our belief that the future of software and the web will be greatly enhanced the more open source is applied.  In order to contribute to this future, 34 North is releasing the core of OpenNRM to the public in an effort to provide the world of natural resource management with tools that can compete with those software services offered to Wall Street, Business Management and others so successful.

Why Open Natural Resource Management?

Open Source tools like OpenNRM can help you save costs while delivering outstanding performance in terms of scalability, flexibility and security.

Although the Internet and Internet technologies have substantially improved access to information, integrated tools for aggregating, organizing, visualizing, comparing, educating and sharing this information are limited and expensive.  This is especially significant in the world of collaborative natural resource management, which lacks significant technological advances due to limited government and private sector financial resources.

Creating an open and interoperable platform will give natural resource managers and stakeholders the tools and community they need TODAY to address the difficult challenges ahead.  More importantly, the open platform allows for innovation from the world of developers who can create specific problem solving applications and tools based on regional or issue specific needs.    Forget mortgage calculators and “where I parked my car” applications and think about the best brains in the world creating intelligent, interoperable systems to assist project managers, engineers, policy makers, scientists, ecologists and others working to better collaborate and manage our natural resources.


OpenNRM Platform uses industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies, so you can always be confident in the security of your data. Log in once to access all your files. Varying layers of security with customized access to sensitive information also lets you control who sees what.

OpenNRM “core” is available now as a BETA release under the GPL V3 license.  You may contact us directly for more information about participating in the BETA program by using the contact form HERE. You can learn more about the OpenNRM community at www.openNRM.org.