OpenNRM Support Overview

As an alternative to implementing and managing OpenNRM in house, OpenNRM Enterprise is a fully supported and hosted product or SaaS.  Clients have the option to choose how the OpenNRM SaaS instance is customized and then we do the rest:  Hosting, Maintenance and Upgrades.

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Extended Support

OpenNRM Extended Support Services minimizes effort, saves your time and resources plus increases efficiency at the same time. Dedicated support engineers will be responsible for direct assistance and guidance through all support related issues…

Enterprise Level Support

OpenNRM Enterprise Level Support is the ultimate level of Technical Support service. It is designed to meet the needs of large-enterprise customers.

Per-Incident Support

Support services can also be purchased on a per-incident basis. Per-Incident Support service offers some of the same benefits as Extended Support, only for a single support issue.


 Coming Soon Per-Incident
14 x 5 24 x 7 14 x 5
First Response Time 4 business hours 4 business hours 2 hours
Agreement Term Purchased service is valid for 1 year Purchased service is valid for 1 year Purchased service is valid for 1 year
Editions Supported All products Professional and Server editions along with Volume licenses All products
Access Channels Web/ E-mail/ Telephone Web/ E-mail/ Telephone Web/ E-Mail/ Telephone (only callback option) Web/ E-mail/ Telephone
Electronic Incident Logging
Access to Documentation
Access to Additional Tools
Access to technical resources
Assistance Customizing and Testing Scripts
Number of support requests Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Upon issue
Dedicated Support Engineers 1 4 2 1