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Developed using the OpenNRM core, 34 North created  Members of the conservation and natural resource management community can join the OpenNRM community for free!  This is a non-profit service aimed at facilitating collaborative efforts in the conservation community.  Access and use is available through an easy online application and proof of service to the environment.  This community was created for small to medium size environmental efforts where money is tight, there is no IT department and collaboration among stakeholders is critical to the financial viability and success of the project.  If you are a larger organization and need a private labeled version of the this service you may review OpenNRM Enterprise or contact 34 North directly at 310.305.8289.

Community Features

OpenNRM is a robust and powerful resource management web service designed to assist project managers, engineers, policy makers, scientists, ecologists and other resource managers.  Currently, the data required to effectively manage our natural resources is scattered and sequestered throughout hundreds of organizations and individuals, which makes it largely inaccessible or difficult to find.     OpenNRM web service features allows users to easily aggregate, manage, organize, analyze, combine, display and share project information and data among may organizations and stakeholders.  The Open Resource Foundation believes we can meet our natural resource challenges.  Our contribution to this cause is a freely distributed, standards compliant, fast, comprehensive and open natural resources web service platform.

OpenNRM Feature Overview

  1. Easy Profile Set Up:  Create a user profile, projects, document library, wiki  and pages in a flash
  2. Secure File Sharing.
  3. Organization Landing Pages:  Create a homepage for your organization (i.e.
  4. Asset Management
  5. Content Management
  6. Live Map Service
  7. Live Conditions Manager (data currently in Califronia only.  We wil work with you to get your local live data services online)
  8. Project Collaborator
  9. Wiki Encyclopedias