Service Overview

34 North award winning web applications and premier client list make us the right choice for your software development needs.  Using custom and open source methods, our client’s websites and software applications can grow and change with the needs of the marketplace. We are committed to creating software that can be managed by the client using fully integrated content management systems. Everything we build is focused on helping our customers to engage and collaborate with their communities, stakeholders and constituents.


Graphic and UX/UI Design

34 North is passionate about designing and building intuitive user experiences that will change the world.

34 North creates digital experiences for any platform that reflect and enhance your brand, vision, and end-user needs. Beginning with the iterative design process we work to create a consistent and reusable sketch as we progress through interaction and visual design. Our design process involves the client at all stages in order to increase collaboration and find the best ideas.  The client knows their customer best and we work hard to reflect this in the experience.

Application and Software Development

Let us help you to develop something amazing.  With our team of very qualified programmers and system architects you can feel confident that we will build you a solid, elegant and well formed architecture with beautiful and unique design.  Our programmers are proficient in HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C++, Java and other mainstream languages that will make your product state of the art.  We believe in clean code with minimal footprint, scalability and reliability.  We also believe that separating your code from the design is critical to staying current.  Features and functions can last a lifetime but your design and marketing messages should be easily changed and updated as the market requires.